Home Staging

It’s a buyers market and experts are predicting the biggest housing slump in the past 40 to 50 years.   What does this mean?  Falling housing prices, slower sales, and an increase in foreclosures. So, if you are looking to sell your home you need to avoid becoming one of the statistics.   Position your home for a faster sale by adding the “Wow”.

Once your home is listed it becomes a product.  Like any product you need to insure it meets with consumer approval.  Let us help you view your home through the eyes of a buyer.  We’ll identify the positive aspects of your home as well as the negative aspects.  We’ll help you to place the focus on your space and not your stuff.   We'll help you to stage your home so prospective buyers will want to mentally move themselves in.


Home Image Consulting For Your Home's Interior

Since the real estate market in Southern California is questionable, more and more homeowners are choosing to stay and put a little effort into making their homes more functional and beautiful.  An investment of time and very little money can make the world of difference in the way your home presents itself.  Let us come in and show you how make the most with what you already have!


Kitchen and Bathroom Set-Up

Whether you have everything you need or whether you need us to go out and buy everything to get you going we will come in, clean and organize your kitchen and bath so that they are functional.  We’ll make sure that you have everything from salt and pepper to cleaning supplies for the kitchen and soap and t-paper for your bath.  We’ll have you up and running in a day or two depending on the size of your rooms. 


Clearing Your Clutter

Too much clutter can make you feel trapped, disoriented, and confused.  We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to make your life run efficiently and smoothly.  Take the emotion out of the “stuff” and get your life back in order.  It’s amazing how easy and enjoyable life can become when you do not constantly have to siphon through a plethora of things.


Color Choices

You might simply want to freshen up your home with new colors.  Sometimes a second opinion can take the uncertainty out of your choice.  We’ll come in, review your options and help you make that decision.


Landscape Revival

Dress up your yard and entrance. When you're looking to sell, it's important that the first impression be a pleasant and lasting one. Let Bella Designs use its discerning eye to advise on the big picture as well as the small details.



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